OUT OF THE BOX. AFLBS participants underwent an experimental leadership education at RAFI's Kool Adventure Camp (KAC).
OUT OF THE BOX. AFLBS participants underwent an experimental leadership education at RAFI's Kool Adventure Camp (KAC).

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10th AFLBS inspires young leaders to make a better future

“Finding a cause greater than yourself today will prepare you for even bigger things in the years ahead. Make a difference for the people around you, for your community and for your country.” – EIA

On November 6 to 7, 90 of the most promising student leaders from all over the country converged at the Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu for the 10th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit (AFLBS), the flagship youth leadership program of Aboitiz. Carrying the theme, “A Decade of Building Leaders for a Better Future”, the summit challenged the participants to become changemakers in their chosen fields and in society in general. This year marks a highly enriched program by integrating experiential leadership education through the auspices of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.’s Kool Adventure Camp (KAC). KAC’s vision of “Touching People, Shaping the Future” complements the AFLBS purpose of empowering young leaders.

To date, AFLBS has produced around a thousand alumni, some are now team members and team leaders in corporate centers and business units within the Aboitiz Group. This affirms our mission of building a sustainable enterprise that we can entrust to future generations.


Here are some of the pearls of wisdom from our Aboitiz team leaders:

“We take care of our environment the best way we can. We make sure that whenever we have plant projects, we consider our
environment as well as our host communities as our priority as we provide reliable, reasonable, and responsible energy solutions.”

– Manny Rubio, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, AboitizPower Generation
‘AboitizPower: Responsible Energy’


“[We continue to improve and innovate] because we know that’s where the future is.”
– Anton Perdices, SVP and Chief Operating Officer, Visayan Electric Company
‘AP Distribution: Leading the Way to Service Excellence’


“Banking is not just about the money you are able to move around, or the information you are able to provide. But rather it is about the lives you are able to change as a result of that.”
– Ana Aboitiz-Delgado, VP and Business Head for Credit Cards, Union Bank of the Philippines
‘UnionBank and CitySavings: Partners in Elevating Lives and Fulfilling Dreams’


We enable our team members to make a difference in the organization. We encourage everyone to believe that they could lead change, and that they can do so with the Aboitiz Values in mind. In short, we are strengthening our culture of creating value-driven leaders.”
– Tristan Aboitiz, VP and Chief Operating Officer, Pilmico Feeds
‘Pilmico: Partners For Growth’


“If you are not branding yourself, you can be assured that others are branding it for you. Find your brand and own it.”
– Rafael De Mesa, VP Business Innovation Group & Head of Commercial Business Unit AboitizLand
‘AboitizLand: Delivering on Our Brand Promise’


“The AFLBS continues to be a shared commitment to develop and nurture our young and promising delegates toward becoming effective leaders in the future.”
– Txabi Aboitiz, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Aboitiz Equity Ventures
‘BetterWays: Building Our A-People’


“Your knowledge and intelligence are some of your biggest assets hence, if you don’t want this source of wealth to deteriorate, you must put in the time to keep learning. The more you learn and strengthen yourself, the more competitive you are, the more likely you will have control over a successful career.”
– Dmi Lozano, SVP and Chief Financial Officer, Aboitiz Equity Ventures
‘Making Your Assets Work For You’


“Be good, do good, and chances are you will earn for yourself an excellent reputation.”
– Susan Valdez, SVP and Chief Reputation & Risk Management Officer, Aboitiz Equity Ventures
‘The 3Rs: Reputation, Risk, and Responsibility’


LEADERSHIP FORUM: Inspiring Leaders Across The Workforce
Don Ramon Aboitiz Award of Excellence (DRAAE) awardees shared their leadership journeys:

“I am the leader I am today because someone had taken the time to plant the seeds of leadership in my heart.” Judd Salas

“I can’t teach you to be a good leader. I can lay the framework for good leadership but at the end of the day, you have to learn to be one.” Romy Ronquillo

“The fact is that you can only go so high in your own strength. You can reach a certain level with your education, your talent and your ability, but it’s the goodness of God, that will open doors you could not open on your own.” Riella Guiguio

“Influence is the true measure of leadership. It is not appointed, awarded or assigned. It cannot be mandated.” Dante Pollescas