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2015 DRAAE Awardee: Iris Dorado



“I didn’t really expect anything. Honestly, it still seems surreal.”

For everyone at CitySavings, it is crystal clear why Iris Louise R. Dorado deserves to receive the 2015 Don Ramon Aboitiz Award Of Excellence (DRAAE).

Her fellow team members saw how she was able to succeeded in creating a culture of managing and mitigating risks and implementing risk management in CitySavings, which led to its 4.5 rating in risk maturity. Iris has a track record for innovation. She doesn’t settle for an ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mentality because she always challenges the status quo and looks for ways to make things better.

Passion for Better Ways

One of the unique characteristics of a DRAAE awardee is his/her ability to inspire others to be driven. Iris’ embodiment of the Aboitiz core value of teamwork is seen on how she collaborates with other teams in order to achieve business results. She leads by example, ready to take on challenges that are beyond her job scope, which ultimately results to driving performance and accountability among her team members.

For Iris, this remains to be her most essential leadership trait. “You won’t stop doing what you love to do just because the going gets tough. You then become driven to produce results and when you are driven, you infect others. It’s viral, actually,“ she said.

With the same passion, she was able successfully implement various endeavors including different risk management frameworks,  a company-wide risk management communication plan, maintenance of operational risk registers,  internal capital adequacy assessment programs, business continuity management frameworks from emergency response plans incident and crisis management plans, and business recovery plans from the corporate center down to the branch level. She also ushered the revival of the Bank’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) and gave birth to the Bank’s Internal Loss Events database. To this day, the Bank has built 3 years worth of data thanks to the projects she led.

 “You won’t stop doing what you love to do just because the going gets tough. You then become driven to produce results and when you are driven, you infect others.


Looking ahead, living the now

Despite her many achievements, it’s a surprise that Iris was still able to maintain her work and personal life in the balance. The secret, according to her, is to keep your priorities straight.

“I deactivated my Facebook account for around 4 years. I love travelling and I have more than 500 books. Sunday is a holy day for me. Apart from it being the Lord’s day, it’s a family day for me,” she said.

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When she’s not thinking about Business Continuity plans, she’s usually reading, baking, cooking or singing her heart out in videoke. “I love to belt out old songs. My repertoire includes Anne Murray, The Jets, Scorpions, Chicago. I absolutely love to sing Just Another Woman in Love!”

But at the end of the day, she finds herself most satisfied in seeing how she helps CitySavings reach greater heights. True to her name, Iris which means “rainbow”, she remains hopeful that there are always brighter days ahead for the Bank and the people she fell in love with.



“Before I came on board to CitySavings, I toyed with the idea of being seconded temporarily, however, one person asked me: “Don’t you want to be a part of CitySavings’ growth?” With his uber-confidence in the Bank’s future, I trusted and jumped with eyes wide open. Looking back, I am happy that I did because I was part of the momentous growth. Now that we are venturing into new markets and new products, I want to be part of that too. I want to write my history alongside CitySavings for as long as I am needed.”



Call for DRAAE Nominations

Nominate team leaders and team members in your respective organizations whom you feel are truly deserving of this recognition.

The award is named after the company’s patriarch, whose legacy of hard work, integrity and civic responsibility has inspired a generation of achievers.

Deadline of nominations is on May 31, 2016. For more details, visit draae.aboitiz.com.