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The Next Big Thing in Weather

The launch of Weather Solutions stemmed from the realization of weather’s significance in business value chains. It will be our way of finding smart and workable ways of encouraging society to be weather-responsive and proactive.

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Meet your AEV A-Clubs!

The AEV A-Clubs program is an engagement effort established to promote work-life balance, and cultivate rewarding experiences that help the employees widen their networks and socialize with other employees. Get to know them here to find out which clubs are for you!

Cyber security

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Cyber risk: How secure is your information?

Being SECURE means having risk-prioritized controls to defend critical assets against known and emerging threats. Being VIGILANT means having threat intelligence and situational awareness to anticipate and identify harmful behavior. Being RESILIENT means being prepared and having the ability to recover from cyber incidents and minimize their impact.

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The Aboitiz Leadership and Culture Symbiosis

The Aboitiz Leaders Conference was held again recently, bringing together 190 of the Aboitiz Group’s top leaders for what AEV President & CEO Erramon Aboitiz described as an opportunity “to refresh ourselves about what is asked of us and how an Aboitiz leader is expected to lead.”