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Meet Tony Canova, new ACO board advisor

In December 2018, the Aboitiz Group announced changes in the board membership of Aboitiz & Company (ACO), including the appointment of Mr. Antonio Canova as new board advisor. Aboitiz Eyes is pleased to introduce Tony to our fellow team members through this mini-feature.

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How the Philippines fares in a natural catastrophe

Its tourism potential continuously growing in combination with stellar economic performance in recent years has made the Philippines an attractive haven for investors. Economic reforms have been introduced to reinforce its slate for continued growth, which somewhat insulates us from the effects of overseas market hostilities and natural disasters we incur every year.

TALOMO HYDRO. This year marks the 14th anniversary of Hedcor’s acquisition of Talomo Hydros from the government. Prior to the purchase, Talomo Hydros supplied most of Davao City’s power requirement. Today, Talomo Hydros are delivering 29 GWh of Cleanergy to Davao Light, annually.


Small plant, big impact

Perhaps unknown to its many neighbors in the community of Tugbok, this renewable power facility used to supply a huge chunk of the city’s power needs – lighting homes, commercial establishments, and the city’s budding industrial economy then.

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Future-proofing Aboitiz by Driving a Culture of Innovation

Aboitiz Group leaders once again engaged in fruitful discussions that zoomed in on a leader’s role in cultivating a culture of innovative thinking within their respective circles. Among the key subjects were the value of ideas in preparing a business face the constantly shifting realities of the world and the importance of changing management practices to accommodate and grow these ideas.


KINDer raises almost Php1M in one day

KINDer, Aboitiz Foundation’s crowdfunding website, gathered almost half a million pesos or Php466,599 during its “12.12 Double Your Kindness Day” fundraiser. This amount was matched by the Foundation, bringing the total amount raised to nearly one million pesos to fund various development projects.

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The Kauban as a Nation Builder

A Kauban knows he or she has a purpose — that of building the foundations of a growing nation so that industries, businesses, and communities may progress, ultimately leading to more benefits for the people who live in these far-flung areas.



Clocked: Pilmico launched new feeds line, Bagwis

Last November 22, Pilmico launched a new feeds line specially designed for homing pigeons, Bagwis. Bagwis promises to deliver precise nutrition for homing pigeons at every race. Following the growing industry of homing pigeons in the country, Pilmico thought it was high time we respond to the demands of the market.

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Project Silk 2018: Business training for local farmers

The Mantibugao Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Farmers Cooperative (MARBFC) dreams of big things for their organization. They envision themselves to be a strong and viable cooperative that uplifts their members through more jobs, opportunities for growth, and sustainability programs. With the help of Pilmico and Aboitiz Foundation, this is only the beginning for the MARBFC.

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DRAAE Awardee Mike Hosillos: Values Move Mountains

For Atty. Michael Hosillos, SN Aboitiz Power’s (SNAP) VP Chief Corporate Services Officer, winning the Aboitiz Group’s highest and most distinguished recognition is a testament to the work of a team dedicated to its values that live through stakeholder engagement and corporate social responsibility.