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4 ways social media is influencing talent attraction

Recruiting teams that exploit online talent sourcing get ahead of those competing for the same talents. This year, Aboitiz Group Human Resources Team initiated steps to unlock and strengthen digital sourcing channels aimed at hunting for A-talents.     

Rebooting LinkedIn and Facebook We optimized existing social media platforms and asserted increased presence by reactivating job microsites and refreshing content to amplify our employer brand. These led to a dramatic 70% increase in LinkedIn “followers” in only four months. Aboitiz Careers followers on Facebook increased by 31%. More “likes” “follows” and “share” mean wider reach.

Using Smarter Search Engines Along with asset rationalization, we brought in Kalibbr, a platform that offers smart recruiting.   With a user-friendly and hip interface, it quickly gained popularity among tech savvy job seekers.  It boasts of its intelligent matching capability – a feature that consistently impresses recruiters and job seekers alike.  The Aboitiz Careers Page is currently powered by Kalibrr. What we gained from using Kalibbr?

  • More BU extension sites and search accounts
  • Hassle-free onsite registration at university job fairs
  • Wider net cast through boosted ads
  • Useful monthly performance reviews and work tune up

Attracting via Cloud With the Talent Recruitment component of the Aboitiz Talent Management System (ATMS), we expect a major shift (and improvement) in our attraction processes – Applicant Tracking, Hiring Manager Engagement, Employee Referral, Careers Website, Onboarding and overall A-Talent Attraction experience. Watch out for the full activation of the system in September.  

Training Attraction Teams to be Digitally Savvy Talent attraction in the digital sphere requires new skill sets in sourcing, matching, tracking and engaging candidates and hiring managers. Customized training for LinkedIn, Kalibbr and the new system are now happening.

Making smart choices is essential to building a winning portfolio of recruiting platforms. The face of Talent Attraction is evolving to exciting heights. Companies with a firm grasp of job/career markets and industry developments have a better shot at reaching its target talents.