Corporate Center

Update on the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Dear Fellow Team Members,

Our commitment to The Aboitiz Way, our distinctly unique culture of values and beliefs, is the foundation of our business practices. Our core values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, and responsibility underlie our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (the Code) that, in turn, drives us  to pursue  the highest ethical and legal standards in all aspects of our business. (Read the Code)

We have updated the Code and aligned it to current laws, to our existing company policies, and to our evolving best governance practices. While not all-encompassing, it still lays down the basic principles that will guide us in resolving ethics-related issues we may face daily.

Each one of us is responsible for upholding the principles and exhibiting behavior that are in accordance with the Code.  You must report to your direct supervisor or to our Chief Human Resources Officer any actions, situations, or conditions that may be classified as unethical business practices or are in violation of the law or the Code.

Any violation of the Code is a serious matter and may lead to the appropriate disciplinary action so please make sure to read and understand  all its contents. I expect all CEOs and COOs to cascade and properly communicate this to all their team members. For related concerns, you may  consult our Legal and Compliance Services Team, Human Resources Team, our Chief Compliance Officer, or your immediate supervisor.

Let me remind everyone that strict adherence to our Code is  most crucial to ensuring that our core Aboitiz values, nurtured and strengthened for over a hundred years, will continue to be upheld over the next generations.

I enjoin you to  sign the personal commitment form found at the back of the Code.

Thank you for your usual support and cooperation.