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ABC Champions innovate and integrate through ‘playshops’

AE Team | September 20, 2018

The ABC Summit highlighted the Aboitiz Group’s belief that sustainability should be seen as a competitive advantage, helping a business anticipate and thrive in future scenarios. Innovation is key to achieving this and, particularly for Aboitiz, integral to delivering on our brand promise of ABC. To spark innovation, the conference presented two “playshops” that facilitated collaboration and creativity among participants through the free flow of ideas toward an integrated approach to making a positive impact on the lives of all stakeholders. 

Kicking off the activity, Malou Marasigan, AEV VP for Reputation Management, explained the need for continuous reinvention in order to remain relevant and add value. ABC champions, mainly the Aboitiz CSR, sustainability, HR officers, and communications practitioners, each have a role in the pursuit of innovative and scalable solutions as part of advancing business and communities.




We are now shifting to a shared value strategy, with a focus on creating value not only for our businesses but also for society at large. Our efforts will now focus further along the business value chain and we will be more externally engaged, collaborating more with our stakeholders. CSR is moving in the same direction: focusing on outcomes and not just needs, focusing on the long-term, and focusing on alignment and integration.

– Malou Marasigan
VP Reputation Management
Aboitiz Equity Ventures

Conducted by Kick Fire Kitchen’s Niña Terol, the playshops followed the design thinking method that engaged participants in creative collaboration, radical ideation, and rapid prototyping.

The first session on Day 1 of the ABC Summit centered on the Aboitiz core value of innovation in shifting the sustainability mindset from environmental to strategic. This was further broken down into sub-themes on communicating ABC, developing or enhancing products, services, programs, processes and systems, and stakeholder engagement. Each group’s discussion resulted in various forms of output, which were either made from the materials provided, visualized or modeled, or performed for the assembly.

ABC Summit Day 1 Playshop


On the second day, the playshop guided ABC champions through a process of collaboration and open space approach where various CSR programs of their respective SBUs can be integrated into a program that addressed a top problem in the region where their business operates.

Teams identified a problem for which they wanted to create a solution. These solutions would tap the various existing programs of Aboitiz SBUs, making sure each has a specific value whether in capacity building, disaster resilience, waste management, etc.

Judd Salas, AEV AVP Investor Relations; Jessie Cubijano, Aboitiz Foundation Program Manager, and Malou Marasigan provided feedback for each project as they were presented to all playshop participants.

Following this, teams now have preliminary material to carry on or further improve the integrated programs for implementation in the future.


ABC Summit Day 2 Playshop