ABC Summit: Private sector panel on championing sustainability

AE Team | September 17, 2018

The Aboitiz ABC Summit invited keynote speakers to represent top companies and share examples of sustainability practices. The speakers also took part in a panel discussion moderated by Ms. Karen Davila, award-winning broadcast journalist and the host of ANC’s Headstart. Read on for some highlights from the segment.






Jose Teodoro Limcaoco
Chief Sustainability Officer
Ayala Corporation

If we understand our role in a corporation, it would be natural for us to build sustainability into our businesses.

We have to ask ourselves: To whom do we direct our responsibility? Have corporations gotten it all wrong? Is it really the shareholders? A shareholder has ownership without responsibility. The shareholders can simply walk away. It’s very hard to maximize gains if you only focus on them. A shareholder can demand much of a board, but a shareholder can always leave.

Shareholders should be treated not as owners, but rather as beneficiaries. Management should be fiduciarily responsible. Corporations are the best tools for society to achieve long-term development. The responsibility of management is to balance the needs of shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers.



Gisela Tiongson
Executive Director
Jollibee Group Foundation

For JFC, the decreasing output of farmers was a major concern for them. As a company that was in the food business, it was important for them to consider how the agriculture value chain impacts the farmers. Problems in this sector include access to market, aggregation, and economies of scale.

JFC provided means of training to increase capabilities of the farmers through initiatives and programs that focus on agro-entrepreneurship.



Lior Illouz
Strategic Partner Manager

Facebook has grown from 17,000 to 30,000 based out off several HQs. This poses challenges to company culture and values. And the way we maintain a culture of sustainability within our company is evident in some of the ways we operate:

Sustainable and efficient data centers
Building sustainable workplaces
Use of renewable energy
Sharing among employees to incubate and advance sustainable business practices
Connecting people in organizations

Examples that marry CSR and Workplace:

Weekly Q&As that allow staff to share ideas about CSR
Reducing employee carbon footprint via automation and bots
Launch of Workplace for Good: allowing organizations and staff to use Workplace for free