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Aboitiz celebrates partnership with top executive search firms

“To begin with, this is a really progressive and welcome thing. The initiative is quite unique, to get us partners to really go ahead and feel that we are partners. It’s quite effective and impressive what the Aboitiz Group is trying to achieve.” — Ruby Jacob, Executive Director, ZMG Ward Howell

Aboitiz prides itself in implementing strategies that Attract, Retain, and Optimize A-People. For the last five years AEV HRQ has been continuously building its relationship with different executive search firms to ensure a pipeline of top external talents for the group .

Now on its second year, the Executive Search Cocktails held last April 10 gathered 13 Executive Search Firms at the NAC Tower, Taguig City for an intimate afternoon to celebrate AEV’s partnerships with talent recruitment firms, and foster dialogue to help them better understand us as an organization and the kind of A-leaders we need.

An Executive Search Performance Review (2010 to 2015), presented by Tess Gaddi, AEV AVP-HR during the said event, revealed a high  retention rate for executives hired in the past five years.

“Succession remains to be an important challenge for the Aboitiz Group, and we have responded by continuing the practice of holding Succession Reviews twice a year and tracking Talent Analytics. Maintaining relationships with our executive search partners gives us access to high-potential external executive talents for our future needs,” says Nancy S. Lim, AEV FVP-HR.

Aside from being re-introduced to BetterWays, the group’s  employer brand, as well as The Aboitiz Way and the Leadership Dimensions, participants were also presented  with the group’s general outlook for 2015, a review of the executive search contract, and participated in a focus group discussion facilitated by no less than  AEV Chief HR Officer Txabi Aboitiz.