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Aboitiz celebrates people and passion at the 2017 ‘Magnifique’ Recognition Night

Magnificent talent and contagious passion prevailed through the night as team members gathered for a stylish evening masquerade ball to celebrate the 2017 Aboitiz Recognition Night at Shangri-La The Fort in Manila, and at The Marriott in Cebu last September 15 and 22, respectively.

The yearly event commemorates the qualities, culture, and core values that have propelled Aboitiz to the distinguished organization we know today, as exhibited by the years of continuous dedication of its longstanding team members.


For us in Aboitiz, our culture drove our success in many ways in the past and will continue to be a driver of our success in the future. I am relying on each of you to keep The Aboitiz Way truly a way of life. We need to be our own watchdog for our culture and to get it back on track if it gets misaligned along the way. More and more people are looking at culture and using it to decide whether they want to be part of an organization or not.  If we all care about working in a great company, let us begin with what little thing we can do to turn our culture to what we desire it to be.

-Erramon I. Aboitiz, President and CEO, Aboitiz Group

Read EIA’s complete message:

EIA Message at the 2017 Aboitiz Recognition Night

In honoring A-People who have shown unceasing perseverance in their respective roles, and who have demonstrated the true spirit of driving change for a better world in their own unique way, the celebration highlights the significance of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation and Responsibility in realizing the goals of an enduring Aboitiz Group. The main highlight of the event was the recognition of the service awardees who have demonstrated these values throughout their careers in the company.

Get to know the 2017 Service Awardees

30-40 Years | 20-25 Years | 10-15 Years

2017 Aboitiz Service Awardees (30-40 Years)

Magnifique also celebrated team initiatives in the past year that exhibited the drive to lead, excel, and serve. Check out the winners of this year’s Inspired by Passion Team Awards.

What drives you? Let’s take a look at the winners of the 2017 Inspired by Passion Team Awards

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Aboitiz_Magnifique-52 Aboitiz_Magnifique-68 Aboitiz_Magnifique-84 Aboitiz_Magnifique-67 Aboitiz_Magnifique-38 Aboitiz_Magnifique-196 Aboitiz_Magnifique-207


Magnifique: The Aboitiz Recognition Night 2017 (Manila)


Magnifique: The Aboitiz Recognition Night 2017 (Cebu)