Aboitiz Construction completes PCSPC expansion work

Aboitiz Construction successfully completed the construction of three new 180,000 barrel fuel storage tanks and two tank truck loading racks in over 12 months, on-time and on-budget, for Philippine Coastal Storage and Pipeline Corporation (PCSPC) within Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  The new tanks were built according to international standards. PCSPC’s total fuel storage increased to 5.2 million barrels (or 827 million liters) of various fuel products, such as diesel, gasoline, het and fuel oil.  This undertaking also completes PCSPC’s commitment to SBMA to invest and build in the Maritan tank farm.

“This considerable increase in storage is in response to our customers’ demand for quality and available fuel storage in Subic Bay, and we are pleased to be able to provide this new expansion to accommodate their needs.”

-Michael Rodriguez, Chairman, PCSPC

PCSPC’s strategic location in the SBFZ provides for efficient importation of fuel products for storage and onward distribution along the network of well-maintained toll roads to Clark, Manila, Central and Northern Luzon. SBFZ also provides an efficient coastal location for hub operations with imports from regional refineries for onward export distribution to the region.

Mr Rodriguez added, “With our existing long term lease agreement with Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, PCSPC looks forward to being able to undertake further investment, as demand requires, in order to serve the increasing fuel needs of the Philippines now and in the future.”

PCSPC operates the petroleum storage and pipeline facilities of the former Subic Bay Naval Base. The facility was originally constructed in 1953 with 2.4 million barrels of capacity. Capacity has doubled over the past 6 years.

David Attewill, President of PCSPC, spoke about continuing to create jobs and share in the development of the Pastolan community in the Maritan Hills.  Previously, PCSPC constructed a 130-meter road for children going to school.  He further highlighted the exceptional safety record of one (1) million manhours without lost time incident (LTI).

Alberto Ignacio, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer of Aboitiz Construction, Inc., expressed pride in being part of PCSPC’s expansion milestone.

PCSPC, a valued client since 2009, has repeatedly awarded projects to Aboitiz Construction, clearly due to service satisfaction.

With nearly 40 years of construction, fabrication, engineering and project management services, Aboitiz Construction contributes to the country’s industrial growth and continually strives to build a solid reputation anchored on excellence and achievement. Truly, Aboitiz Construction lives its purpose of advancing businesses of clients with every structure it builds while, at the same time, advancing communities by the jobs it creates. It provides jobs and good training for almost 5,000 workforce.