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Aboitiz Construction explores green tech at Japan conference

From April 4 to 7, 2017, Aboitiz Construction team leaders attended the GasTech 2017 Conference and Exhibitions in Chiba, Japan. The conference enabled kaubans* to take in new learnings on the latest trends that will affect the gas market and industry, particularly, the global movement toward a green future supported by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

With 42 years of diverse construction, fabrication, and engineering experience both global and local, Aboitiz Construction believes continuous growth can be achieved with the right opportunities. The GasTech conference opened doors to exploring liquefied natural gas (or LNG) projects that promote clean energy in various industries, which have high potential to be the company’s springboard to success.


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Enrique Chuidian and Roy Ruedas, VP and AVP, respectively, for Housing and Commercial units, Reynaldo Loga, AVP for Engineering and Design, and Dianne Garcia, Project Planning and Control Manager — also paid a visit to Splice Sleeve’s office.

Splice sleeve technology, which has been practiced in Japan for several decades and recently introduced in the Philippines, provides stronger connections in reinforcing bars compared to weak joints using the conventional tying connections. These are essential for medium to high-rise concrete buildings prone to the damaging effects caused by strong earthquakes.



*Kauban is the local term for team-mate. It signifies people working together to achieve more.