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Aboitiz Construction joins federation of global contractors

ACI Reputation Management Team | 17 May 2019


Aboitiz Construction joins the International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Associations (IFAWPCA) as part of the company’s thrust to strengthen its presence in the international market. Aboitiz Construction’s renewed participation is timely as IFAWPCA pursues strategic alliances with innovation and human capital as the overarching theme.

This is aligned with the company’s business growth plan that is anchored on building human capital and improving processes and systems through innovation and technology. In 2018, Aboitiz Construction generated 6,000 jobs and with this comes the expectation to build manpower skills, capability, and most importantly instil the innovation mindset to help grow the business. By and large, the overall value created by the company redounds to delivering the Aboitiz brand promise of advancing business and communities. Any growth or change in the construction landscape has spillover effects which besides boosting real estate and property values, helps improve the quality of lives in general.



Representing the company at the 44th IFAWPCA Convention in Malaysia are First Vice President for Operations Jonathan Bendebel and Vice President for Operations Alex Garciano. Both executives took the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas with fellow contractors from host country Malaysia and the members from the Middle Eastern and Asia Pacific countries. An event like this provides a great platform where great minds congregate to exchange views and experiences about construction methodology and technologies.

IFAWPCA Exhibit booths


The IFAPWCA as the representative voice of the construction industry of the Asia Pacific, is a catalyst for the sustainable improvement of the levels of standards of practice of the construction industry. It plays a critical role in promoting international fellowship and cooperation, in developing beneficial relationships between governments and contractors in the region, and in establishing cooperative working arrangements in implementing civil and building construction projects.

From its inception in Manila in 1956, pioneered by eight founding member countries, namely Australia, (China) Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines and Singapore.IFAWPCA today caters to a group of builders in 19 countries from the ASEAN region and its neighbors in the Asia Pacific.