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Aboitiz Construction signs on for repair work on Tsuneishi pier

Ronald Amodia | May 30, 2017


Aboitiz Construction (ACI) was awarded the project of repairing Tsuneishi’s second pier at the latter’s shipbuilding facility in Balamban, Cebu, which project manager Jack Caballero estimates will cover a period of 10 months.

The two companies have been partners for two decades, mostly centered on the latter’s construction, fabrication, engineering, and project management requirements.


Once again, AC delivers on its promise of reliability and integrity as shown by repeated works from THICI.
–Albert Ignacio, President and COO, Aboitiz Construction






Representing ACI at the contract signing held last May 5 at the Casino Español de Cebu were President & COO Albert Ignacio and Vice Presidents Jonathan Bendebel and Felma Yap while the  Tsuneishi team was composed of President Akihiko Mishima, Vice President Katsuhiro Danjo, Factory General Manager Masatoshi Date, Minuro Tanimoto, and Wilneth Solijon.