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Paco & Christine on integrating career, family, and healthy lifestyle

To cap off this month’s theme on celebrating team member engagement, the Aboitiz Eyes team invited Paco Sandejas and Christine Jacob-Sandejas to get their perspective on work-life integration. Paco sits as an independent director in the board of UnionBank. Christine is active with her morning show in CNN Philippines. She still swims, plays tennis, and joins triathlon races with Paco.

One of my favorite childhood heroes is Spiderman. And the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility”…I guess in times like that that you pray. It’s a time you take things in your silent moment and say ‘why am I doing this?” and ‘what for?’ 

-Paco Sandejas, Board member, UnionBank


We want our kids to be well-rounded. We want them to have a spiritual life. It’s also important that they release some of their energy on the field, and get good grades…and still have a wonderful time! 

-Christine Jacob-Sandejas, Athlete and TV personality

The couple’s story demonstrates that work-life integration philosophy is indeed doable but it needs commitment and discipline.



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