A UNIFIED FRONT. Aboitiz CSR officers from across all BUs commit to achieving CSR 2.0 and scaling up existing projects that remain below its parameters.
A UNIFIED FRONT. Aboitiz CSR officers from across all BUs commit to achieving CSR 2.0 and scaling up existing projects that remain below its parameters.


Aboitiz Foundation holds CSR 101 conference

  • Groupwide CSR officers were updated on project development towards a unified understanding of CSR 2.0
  • Overall strategy, parameters, communication initiatives, and process flows were introduced

CSR representatives from the different Aboitiz business units attended Aboitiz Foundation’s CSR 101 forum, which aimed to refresh participants on the processes of project development and implementation towards a unified understanding of CSR 2.0.

CSR Direction and Strategy
Aboitiz Foundation President Susan Valdez recapped 2014 CSR Initiatives and key focusareas moving forward.


  • CSR is a key dimension for building, protecting and enhancing the Aboitiz Group reputation. Stakeholders rated CSR as the highest among all reputation dimensions based on the 2014 reputation survey
  • A governance structure is in place for the management of AFI and CSR projects across the Group. CSR planning should be integrated into the BU strategic planning process.
  • Consistent communication about AFI’s vision, mission, program goals and social impact is key for better awareness and engagement among stakeholders
  • Moving forward, AFI will group all initiatives under three strategic pillars: (1) AFI programs focused on achieving CSR 2.0; (2) Capability Building that will focus on organization competency and increasing communicationreach and engagement; (3) Partnerships thatwill focus on growing CSR funds throughcampaigns and participating in broaderpublic and private sector initiatives.
Communications Update

Judd Salas, AEV AVP for Corporate Branding & Communication, talked about branding the Foundation’s CSR initiatives and social media assets.


  • “Education for a BetterWorld” captures the promise of a better learning environment (i.e. SSES and techvoc high schools, classroom construction and repair, and scholarships)
  • BetterWorld branding extends to other Foundation activities where feasible
  • Maximize Aboitiz Foundation’s social media presence by engaging with our content and through submission of “thumb-stopping” CSR stories

CSR 2.0
Augusto P.I. Carpio III, Aboitiz Foundation EVP & COO, discussed the CSR 2.0 parameters and definitions along with updates on groupwide implementation.


  • CSR 2.0 involves moving from dole-outs to more sustainable, impact-oriented, and scalable CSR projects
  • Projects should: (1) Address a community need; (2) Be aligned to our core businesses; (3) Help our business or create competitive advantage for BUs; (4) Be aligned to the Aboitiz Foundation’s programs; (5) Involve skills training and capability building (6) Encourage team member volunteerism and participation; and (7) Be nationwide in scope

CSR 2.0 Process Enhancements and Project MoSys
Aboitiz Foundation AVP for Operations Danny Cerence conducted a workshop for identifying areas of enhancement areas and unique BU CSR projects. This was followed by Jowelle Ann Cruz, Manager for Education, who detailed the processes of the project monitoring system.


  • For projects to be implemented, they must have counterparts i.e. cash, in-kind, or costed services
  • Project Monitoring System–a first for corporate foundations in the Philippines-facilitates efficient upload and approval of project proposals, processing fund requests, and monitoring CSR projects
  • Web-based platform makes it accessible anywhere, anytime