Valiant volunteers at the Brigada Eskwela 2017

AE Team with reports from Jowelle Cruz | May 31, 2017


Every year, various business units (BUs) of the Aboitiz Group march to our partner schools for Brigada Eskwela in celebration of National Schools Maintenance Week. Team member volunteers help paint walls, armchairs, and doors; repair and rewire classrooms; and do gardening work to help 

The 30 BUs that participated this year included Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV), Aboitiz Foundation, AboitizPower, BEZ (Balamban EnerZone), Cotabato Light, CitySavings, Davao Light, EAUC (East Asia Utilities Corporation), Hedcor, LEZ (LiMA EnerZone), LHC (Luzon Hydro Corporation), MEZ (Mactan EnerZone), PETNET, Pilmico, SacaSun, SEZ (Subic EnerZone), SN Aboitiz Power, TLI (Therma Luzon, Inc.), TMI (Therma Marine, Inc.), TMO (Therma Mobile, Inc.), TSI (Therma South, Inc.), TVI (Therma Visayas, Inc.), WeatherPhilippines, and VECO. Total beneficiaries of this year’s Aboitiz Brigada Eskwela are expected to exceed 20,000 students nationwide.

“Brigada Eskwela is a major part of the Aboitiz Group’s annual team member engagement program and is likewise an embodiment of our Group Purpose: to drive change for a better world. We have always stood firm in our belief that it is in our schools that we can make a big difference in the lives of many.”

-Erramon I. Aboitiz, Chairman, Aboitiz Foundation

“We ultimately do our part in co-creating safe, empowered and sustainable communities by providing students with an environment that not only provides safe and well-maintained classrooms but also fosters lifelong learning,” Aboitiz added.

This year’s Aboitiz Brigada Eskwela in Manila was supported by the Taguig City government, represented by Mayor Lani Cayetano and Vice Mayor Ricardo Cruz, Jr., who also helped repaint chairs during the activity.

“There’s a saying that ‘it takes a village’ to raise or educate a child, and now we can really see that. We can see the whole community actually working together for our students. Aboitiz is not just a company with a focus on their own business, but we can really feel—not just in this school, but in many other schools in Taguig City—the programs of Aboitiz, and we’re very happy about that. This will surely inspire our students to study well.”

-Lani Cayetano, Mayor of Taguig City

Brigada Eskwela is the Department of Education’s annual classroom rehabilitation program conducted in public schools nationwide. The Aboitiz Group, recognized in 2015 by DepEd as the Philippine’s biggest contributor to public education, has long been an active supporter and participant of this activity as part of the Group’s team member engagement programs since 2008.

Brigada Manila 4

Brigada Manila 5

Brigada Manila 7

The Aboitiz Group has long been a staunch supporter of Philippine education reform, believing education is where the Group can make the biggest impact. The Foundation’s most important goal is to achieve universal public education by establishing more Aboitiz BetterWorld schools that promise a better learning environment. This, in turn, supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically on Quality Education.

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