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Aboitiz-supported Taguig schools receive new science and tech-voc facilities

Aboitiz Foundation recently turned over equipment and facilities to Taguig Integrated School (Taguig IS) and Taguig National High School (TNHS), which are part of its special science elementary schools and technical-vocational programs, respectively.

A newly refurbished speech laboratory and special science classroom equipped with multimedia equipment for teaching enhancement were turned over to Taguig IS, in which the Foundation’s SSES program is already implemented from Grades 1 to 6.

For TNHS, the Foundation supported teachers’ NC-II certification training in shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) while the school now has a refurbished consumer electronics servicing workshop room equipped with reference books, Â materials, tools and equipment and a computer laboratory with 30 thin client computer units.

“Education has always been a key focus area of the Foundation ever since we began work helping people help themselves.  We have invested the most in education because we firmly believe that education is a critical component to nation building, giving people new opportunities for growth and a better life,” said Aboitiz Foundation Executive Vice President Sonny Carpio.

Aboitiz Foundation’s SSES and tech-voc high schools program in the school began in 2013.