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How Aboitiz team members are #AlwaysLearning

Ronnel San Gabriel | March 27, 2018

#AlwaysLearning is the Aboitiz Group’s very own new tech learning platform specifically tailored to promote a self-driven, highly blended, and continuous learning culture within the organization. It is our modern way of instilling the Bugsay (self-driven development) mindset in each of our team members.

The #AlwaysLearning tool (powered by Edcast), aims to effectively upskill our Team Members and instill learning on-the-go through an innovative and personalized approach. It is often called the ‘Netflix of Learning’ because it makes learning content, information and knowledge management accessible anytime and anywhere using smart devices.

How do our team members find it? Read their #AlwaysLearning stories:

Kevin Beavers, APRI SVP for Operations

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 5.35.48 PMWhy I like it
I think the evolution to “micro-learning” represents the next step in how we grow… the world is so fast paced now, with our jobs and our personal lives all clamoring for constant attention. I find that #AlwaysLearning fits my needs perfectly, by giving just what I want at the moment, turning idle time in traffic into productive learning, and feeding my interests during my morning “me” time. And the range of interesting topics keeps me coming back for more.

Why I use it
The learning keeps me focused on exactly what I need or want at that moment. I can find relevant topics of interest and dive in to them, or I can choose to bookmark it for later or even save it for future reference. Of course this can be done in some fashion with the Internet, but #AlwaysLearning provides something the Internet can’t… a broader learning experience from the sharing and discussion of topics. I like to see the interesting topics shared by others, so my learning isn’t limited to just what I can think of and search for! I find that a common theme for our group results in a “waterfall” of shared learnings, far beyond what I would find on my own.

I find that #AlwaysLearning fits my needs perfectly, by giving just what I want at the moment, turning idle time in traffic into productive learning, and feeding my interests during my morning “me” time.


How it has helped me
#AlwaysLearning provides me with an easy-to-use, always on, way to sharpen the saw… as a leader and mentor, this is critical to not only my own success, but the success of our team. As part of the Mentoring Partnership, #AlwaysLearning helped me to better understand the concept of Reverse Mentoring. I had never heard of this before, but after going through some of the learnings, I am excited to apply it. Another benefit of micro-learning through #AlwaysLearning is that it enables me to quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap.

What I see in the future
I see a huge potential with #AlwaysLearning… from on-boarding and new hire strategies that reinforce our corporate culture, to “cafeteria-style” assigned learnings that allow our A-People to pick what they want, when they want, and in the order they want. Really, the possibilities of #AlwaysLearning are endless.

If you haven’t experienced #AlwaysLearning, I would really encourage you to do so. I think you will love it too.


Bethuel Tanupan, AEV AVP for Tax Advisory & Compliance Services

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 5.36.00 PM

I started using the AL last January. At first, I thought it was just a program to engage employees and more of a social media site for employee interaction.

But I discovered, it was more than just a social media. It actually fits into my passion to learn more and to share what I’ve learned. It perfectly fits into our corporate values of teamwork, where we not only learn on our own but also share what we have learned. 

It was more than just a social media. It actually fits into my passion to learn more and to share what I’ve learned.

What I genuinely like about AL is the concept of micro-learning. Most, if not all of us, are busy in our work so we don’t have much time to attend traditional learning methods that will consume more time than what we want. For me, AL is not about who reads the most but discovering ideas that we can immediately apply in our work.

For example, as a tax lawyer, there are areas that are related to my work that I do not have a complete understanding on. By using AL, I’ve learned about the Corporate Finance concepts (as shared by Robert McGregor). By understanding the concepts, I can do my tax analysis better. I also learned about the latest buzz words from IT (courtesy of Hoton Elicano), like block chain technology. In dealing with human behavior, there are lot of good materials shared in AL. In particular, I’ve learned that highly efficient teams do not necessarily have to be the same personalities. What makes a highly efficient team is how they complement each other despite their flaws.

I am grateful to our company for this learning tool. As intellectual beings, a person never stops learning. As we learn more, we become better persons and contribute to the company’s group purpose to drive change for a better world.


Carlos Aboitiz, Hedcor Inc. President and COO

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 5.36.24 PM

#AlwaysLearning has allowed me to effectively incorporate new, external content into my everyday at work.


The bite sized learning format allows me to pick up my phone, quickly check what interesting content has been shared, and consume it in a matter of minutes. I can then apply some of the content to my actions and conversations during the rest of the day.

#AlwaysLearning is also a great way to have a conversations about content that is relevant for the business. It’s social media based interphase facilitates quick reflection and a short conversation about how this or that applies to our experience. It does what email cannot.

#AlwaysLearning has allowed me to cultivate new interests such as mindfulness. Being a curator encourages me to spend a little more time learning about new topics and sharing these insights with others. It can be a great way to develop new pockets of knowledge.


KC Cong, Assistant Corporate Accountant

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 5.36.36 PM

I am very happy with #AlwaysLearning and I have no hold back shouting how good it is. #AlwaysLearning is not yet perfect but I’m glad we have this. My team in Finance from our VP included participating in #AlwaysLearning as one of our goals in 2018. 

#AlwaysLearning is basically an indispensable part of my daily routine. It’s my way to make my idle time more productive especially when I get stuck in traffic or waiting in queue whether in the supermarket, airport or bus terminal. Reading articles is the last thing I do before going to sleep. 


I like it much when people would share feedback in the comment section, I get to feel the human side of this platform.

I can only access few materials on my own. With #AlwaysLearning, only sky is the limit. I feel the obligation to share as I receive more. It’s ironic really, I’m not comfortable sharing my ideas to a group of people face-to-face but I have the need to get my ideas out. This is how important this platform is for me. I am empowered with #AlwaysLearning.