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AboitizLand nurtures nature

June David | July 27, 2018

Taking time to continue becoming protectors of the planet, the Annual Simultaneous Tree Planting initiative has truly validated the core values we live by in Aboitiz.

Cloudy skies cleared up as if cooperating with everyone eager to do their part in cultivating nature. Geared for the erratic weather, participants were up for the challenge of getting dirty all for the love of Mother Earth.

Rain or Shine. A-People all set to combat deforestation.

Over 150 attendees from AboitizLand willingly took on the responsibility of planting around 1,000 palm trees in Batangas and 8,000 native timber trees in Cebu. Together with other A People from various business units, participants worked interdependently in the hopes of bringing a positive impact to our environment.


AboitizLanders work together to be stewards of the environment.

This is in line with our goal of planting 9 million trees by 2020. Our collective action has definitely paid off as we have already sequestered at least 119,000 tons CO2e since we started our reforestation efforts in 2003.

Aligned with the A-Park program and as a response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 15, we are able to fight climate change and degradation of our ecosystem through this group endeavor.

It was indeed a weekend well spent. Looking at the bigger scheme of things, it all boils down to preserving our habitat. Intent to elevate one’s quality of life, we continue to create better ways to live while advancing business and communities — one seedling at a time.