AboitizLand tour


AboitizLanders tour pupils around Cebu’s museums and heritage sites

A morning of making pusô (hanging rice), an afternoon with Cebu’s renowned tour guide, a day of appreciating Cebu’s heritage and culture. This summed up the activity AboitizLand team members organized last March as they took 70 pupils of Don Calixto C. Yongco Elementary School on a Culture and Heritage Tour.

The group visited different cultural and heritage sites in Cebu City, namely Jesuit House Museum, Fort San Pedro, Museum Sugbo, and Mango Museum where activities were also prepared for the students.

The tour is a highlight of AboitizLand’s ‘You Can Be A Hero’ Program and an opportunity for pupils to broaden their understanding of Cebu’s rich history and culture by visiting museums and other sites.

Driven by AboitizLand TMs, ‘You Can Be A Hero’ is a series of enhanced learning sessions for Grade 6 pupils held every Friday afternoon. AboitizLanders tutor pupils in subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, Filipino, and Social Studies, in addition to lessons on leadership and personality development through group dynamics sessions using fancy instructional materials.

While the program helps to improve pupils’ academic performance, it also aims to encourage them to become better citizens. AboitizLanders also gain by bringing out the heroes in them by offering their time and talent to teaching.