AboitizLand’s commitment for Mother Earth thrives beyond the hour

Bryle Ian Mendaros | April 19, 2018


In a heartbeat, the world turned dark for Mother Earth last March 24. Every home from different places across the globe joined the people-powered movement that is called Earth Hour. In Cebu, AboitizLand communities switched off non-essential lights and staged a host of eco-friendly activities to show their commitment to protecting the planet. For this year, solid waste management became the highlight of the celebration.

In the residential communities, little vecinos went through a special learning experience with their big brothers and sisters from AboitizLand through the Kiddie Earth Heroes Caravan. The caravan taught kids about proper segregation and the importance of planting trees to filter the air. The kids also painted plant pots and took home some seedlings to start their own mini-garden. Days prior to Earth Hour, vecinos from Ajoya and Kishanta were dared to save electricity in the Elect-reduce Challenge. Anadorlee Kelly from Ajoya and Ellen Nayak from Kishanta successfully surpassed the challenge saving up to 33 kWh and 147 kWh of power, respectively.


Little Vecinos enjoying every minute of the Kiddie Earth Heroes Caravan.

While the residential communities kept the celebration intimate and low-key, AboitizLand’s industrial and commercial spaces went grand to signify their support for climate action. Flashy and colorful recycled costumes took the center stage in MEZ II’s Recycled Costume Contest. The show went even grander as statuesque models from the University of the Philippines  – Cebu flaunted their winning collection in the Aboitiz Green Fashion Revolution 2017. Public schools from Lapu-lapu City were also given recognition during the show for their outstanding solid waste management programs. Meanwhile, the Production Contest brought out the inner artistry of MEZ II’s locators, partner schools, and neighboring communities as each of them dramatized, danced and sang their hearts out for Mother Earth.


 Earth Hour Runway. Models steal the spotlight with their fancy recycled costumes 

AboitizLand’s Earth Hour 2018 celebration drew massive participation and support from its communities. About nine hundred (900) vecinos, merchants, locators, and residents from AboitizLand’s host communities gathered in its developments to be one with the rest of the world in the hour for the planet. Through its switch off, AboitizLand had 321 KWh in power savings which is equivalent to 163.3 kg of CO2e avoided.

But AboitizLand’s commitment for Mother Earth thrives beyond the hour. Annually, its team members participate in the groupwide simultaneous tree planting under the A-Park Program which targets to plant nine million trees by 2020. In MEZ II, AboitizLand deployed electric-jeepneys to transport employees from one office to another. Its residential development Almiya is partially powered by renewable energy through the installation of solar-powered lamp posts. Coastal clean-up in its Seafront Residences is also annually conducted to protect the thriving ecosystems in the area.

As AboitizLand continues in its pursuit of creating better ways to live, the premier real estate company also ensures that its decisions and operations have little to no impact on the environment. Its sustainability initiatives prove that AboitizLand nurtures not only its communities but also the planet.