AboitizPower distribution utilities go green through e-bill

Dear Fellow Team Members,

In support of our group-wide sustainability initiative, Aboitiz Group team members served by AP Distribution Utilities Davao Light and VECO can now receive their monthly electric bill exclusively in electronic format (e-bill) through e-mail.

This shift will help reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating paper production, bill printing, and fuel consumption during the delivery of the bills.

We estimate that each customer can reduce his or her personal carbon footprint by 0.5 kg of C02 annually.  This may seem small, but when we do it together, our collective efforts will have a larger impact on improving our environment.

As we expand our e-bill program to all customers, we hope that all team members being served by either of our utilities in Cebu (VECO) and Davao (Davao Light) participate in the program.

To enroll, kindly follow the easy steps below.

We thank you for taking part in this environment-friendly effort.


Jaime Jose Aboitiz

EVP & COO, Power Distribution Group


3 Steps to get your e-bill


Be ready with your Account ID and your last bill amount or last payment amount.


For AEV and AP team members, go to the AEV, AP, VECO, or Davao Light Agora page and click the registration button.

For UnionBank and CSB team members, click the VECO or Davao Light links below.


Receive your e-bill via email.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I apply for an e-bill?

The e-bill program supports the Aboitiz group-wide sustainability initiative. By shifting to paperless billing, each of us can reduce our personal carbon footprint by 0.5 kg. of CO2 annually. When we do it together, our efforts to reduce will have a larger impact on our environment.


Can I apply if I am a new customer?

Yes. A new customer is automatically eligible to apply for an e-bill.

Can I apply even if the account is not in my name?

Yes. You just need to provide proof such as a lease contract or bills and receipts related to the account to show that you are an occupant or consumer in the registered address.


How can I apply for the e-bill?

You can apply online via the links in the announcement.

Can I register more than one account?

Yes. Just follow the same procedure when applying for both accounts.


What documents do I need for an e-bill application?

You need the following: 1) Account ID number and 2) The amount of your latest bill or last payment. Office applications will have the same validation, together with two (2) proofs of identity.

Do I need to upload a hard copy of my paper bill when I register online?

No. Validation is purely based on the information regarding the account’s last bill or last payment.


Once registered, when do I get my first e-Bill?

You will receive your first e-bill in the next billing cycle.

Will the e-billing cycle follow my original paper billing cycle?

Yes, your billing cycle will remain the same.

Once I get an e-bill, can I do both online and over-the-counter payments?

Yes, the same payment channels are available for both e-bill and paper bill. Kindly note that you are not required to bring a printout of your e-bill when paying. Just keep your Account ID number and the amount of your latest bill or last payment.


Will I still get my paper bill when I enroll in an e-Bill?

Not anymore. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the distribution utilities by shifting to paperless billing.

How will I get my disconnection notice?

Your disconnection notice will form part of your next bill if you have not paid your previous bill in full. This will be your official disconnection notice.

Can I go back to paper bill once I am enrolled in the e-bill?

Yes. You can unsubscribe to the e-bill by going to the same link for registration.