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Achievements through principle: A VECO scholar’s story

[EDUCATION] For three years now, the Panlambo Bakeshop has been a source of livelihood for 200 families in Brgy. Cambinocot, Cebu City, and they have a youth leader to thank.

The business was founded by Adriel Gamier Sanchez, a college student at the time, and his teammates using the P200,000 seed money from the first Aboitiz CSR Proposal- Making Competition. They designed the bakeshop’s business structure and assisted the community in sustaining its operations.

“As young as we are, we need to contribute to society. I’ve learned that this contribution must not also be just limited to our field of expertise,” shared Adriel, a scholar of Visayan Electric Company (VECO) who recently graduated magna cum laude with a degree in industrial engineering.

His innate leadership and passion to serve have brought accolades to Adriel — Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. The Outstanding Cebu City Youth Leader, and Outstanding UNESCO Club Youth Leader to name a few.

“I’ve learned not to focus on my achievements but on the principles I stand for,” he emphasized, choosing instead to put the scholarship to good use.

To complement education CSR initiatives such as scholarship programs, VECO and Aboitiz Foundation encourage scholars like Adriel to participate in activities that benefit greater society such as tree-planting activities and outreach events that benefit the communities.

“Before, awards were all there was but Visayan Electric Company helped motivate me to give back to society.”