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AEV Digital: Time to be ‘PETMALU’ on Digital

Jeff Cape | March 28, 2018

Aboitiz Equity Ventures’ Chief Digital Officer Jojo Guingao recently shared how to utilize Digital Media for Social Mobilization in the first National Information Convention, organized by the Philippine Information Agency. 

Source: PIA Facebook page

Filipinos are digitally invested, with internet and social media penetration rates growing by more than 10% a year. We are even the most active on social media, spending almost 4 hours a day on Facebook, followed by YouTube and Twitter. Knowing this, AEV Digital, through AEV Government Relations, was invited to share how to utilize these platforms effectively.

Social media platforms are more than memes, GIFs, and short funny clips,” Jojo told the audience at the convention held at SM Lanang SMX Convention last February 21. “It is a platform to engage our communities, and to mobilize them to our causes.”


It was a great opportunity to meet with government information specialist as they share their challenges and passion in engaging and educating the public.  I realized we all share the same enthusiasm on how digital and social media can make a significant impact on social and political issues, and how we can advance business and communities.

–Jojo Guingao, Chief Digital Officer, AEV





Taking the cue from the online colloquial term ‘Petmalu’, a reserved form of the word ‘malupet’ which means intense or badass, Jojo shared how each government agency, both national and local could establish a better way of communicating online. Petmalu in Jojo’s speech, meant to Personify, Engage, take a Themed approach on social, Manage and respond, Activate the community, Listen, and Undergo regular reviews.

Watch the video below to catch more insights from Jojo Guingao from Day 3 of the convention.