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AEV HR Team continues to find BetterWays

Isaac Galang | July 13, 2018

To update Aboitiz Equity Ventures team members and team leaders on how their various needs are taken care of, the Human Resources team conducted its annual town hall dubbed as the BetterWays Forum.

The BetterWays Forum aims to better understand team member needs and concerns, and to facilitate an exchange of ideas for HR’s people-centric programs. It is also an opportunity to share updates, milestones, and upcoming plans to team leaders and members.




The BetterWays Forum reinforces the the real essence of an inspired-by-passion workplace, which fosters a culture that is bound to realize, reward, and celebrate the Aboitiz culture and core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, and Responsibility. It also supports HR’s thrust to cater to the four needs of an organization’s team members: the Need to Belong, Need to Provide, Need to Grow, and the Need to Give Back.

These needs are all anchored on the mission to engage, develop, involve, and assist our people to reach their full potential, achieve their goals, and to help them realize their role on how they can advance business and communities.



We are proud of the turnout for this year’s run of the Better Ways Forum. It is exciting to see more team members positively respond to the streamlined and focused content. We look forward to giving our A-People more meaningful sessions in the years to come!

-Mary January Pedrosa
Corporate HR Manager


During the forum, the HR team addressed important and emerging concerns from the team members. Matters related to a work-from-home policy, the implementation of the current parking subsidy, uniform design, fitness subsidies, holiday-related benefits, and modifications to the existing health benefits were all discussed in depth to facilitate the flow of ideas. All concerns were properly noted and plans are underway to evaluate and come up with impactful solutions to align with the company’s strategic direction.




AEV Chief Human Resource Officer Txabi Aboitiz emphasized a number of changes that were introduced in the past year, namely, the Healthcare Third-Party Administration, the formation of the A-Clubs, and the ARC 360 tool.

In his message, Txabi stressed that the company’s healthcare provider has done a tremendous job in facilitating and doing its part as the company’s first third-party agency (TPA) client. He explained that it was a good decision to partner with a TPA, and further efforts to improve resulted in better services in terms of medical reimbursements, easier access and issuance of LOAs (letters of authorization), all while enjoying an expanded network of doctors and hospitals.

Additionally, focus was also given to the company’s interest clubs, aptly called A-Clubs, after its successful launch in February. A-Clubs are communities of Aboitiz team members that share common interests, such as sports, religion, arts, etc. A good number of A-Clubs were formed and a few team member-led projects have already been initiated.

“This project is one of the things we are looking forward to. We are looking for ways to expand the program and open the doors to more employees, which will help us create bigger communities and networks,” said Txabi.

As an advocate of open communication and feedback, Txabi also reminded A-People that they can now provide feedback to the HR teams anytime, anywhere. The ARC360 feedback tool encourages A-People to continuously help HR improve its services through meaningful feedback. (Want to give feedback today? Click the ARC360 link to get started)



Beyond the BetterWays Forum, team members are highly encouraged to make time to provide feedback, and actively collaborate with HR so its programs remain responsive, relevant and meaningful.