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AEV retains ISO standard certification for 2017

Marijo Jamora | June 14, 2017


AEV has proven once again its strong commitment to continuous improvement as it maintains its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification. Corporate Service Units (CSUs) of AEV went through the second surveillance audit of the QMS implementation last June 8 and 9.

Results of the audit show nine positive findings, five opportunities for improvement and zero nonconformities. The results speak of the fact that the whole organization has indeed been effective in its QMS implementation. However, AEV does not stop in finding significant improvements in its processes to ensure that its customers are confident and satisfied with its services.

Achieving and maintaining this certification is quite challenging. It requires collaboration among teams through the AIMS champions, document controllers, and record controllers. Much effort is given by our AIMS Champions to ensure that respective teams have integrated the QMS principles and requirements in the different processes that they perform. The support of team Leaders is also instrumental to the successful implementation of QMS.

This always goes to the basics: team effort, persistence, consistency and love of job.

– Cecilia Baltar, AIMS Champion


    • ISO certification follows a three year cycle: certification audit in the first year, and surveillance audit in the next two years.
    • First QMS certification of AEV was in 2015 followed by two surveillance audits. AEV will have its re-certification in 2018 based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
    • Annual QMS internal audits are conducted as a requirement and as a preparation for the external audits.
    • AIMS champions, document controllers and record controllers go through special training sessions for QMS implementers.






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