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AEV gears up for quality management system transition

Marilou Plando & Eds Operio| March 15, 2018


AEV is preparing for the Quality Management System (QMS) certification this year using the ISO 9001: 2015, transitioning from the earlier 2008 version.

While AEV started the QMS journey in 2011, the AIMS Program Office which manages AEV’s quality management system recognized the need to go back and answer the question “WHY”.

It is for this reason that each corporate service unit underwent a QMS orientation and awareness session to go back to the why QMS was implemented in AEV in the first place. Each session was also a venue to highlight the relevance of the program to individual’s role in the organization – how each function realizes the corporate mission to create long term value to shareholders, thereby contributing to the Aboitiz brand promise of advancing business and communities by ensuring that the business operations is organized, risks are managed and opportunities are maximized.