Corporate Center

Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2015

“Last year, we presented to you the four strategic pillars that will guide your Company to creating long-term value for all of you, our stakeholders. We truly believe that these initiatives are highly relevant to the course we intend to track.

As we move forward, we will remain grounded on our commitment to firstly, grow and expand the business. We intend to grow in a way where we still generate healthy returns while maintaining manageable level of debt. Secondly, increase stakeholder engagement. We can only accomplish our goals with the support of all our stakeholders. We need to consistently deliver value to all of them. Thirdly, build human capital. To support our growth, it is imperative that we create a pool of best-in-class team members to plug succession and competency gaps. And lastly, to sharpen our competitive edge, we need to execute best-in class processes and carry on execution excellence in everything we do.

–Erramon I. Aboitiz, AEV President and CEO