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APRI cultivates sustainable livelihood through Limao Elementary School tie-up

Arcel Madrid | May 30, 2017


With the goal of providing a sustainable livelihood, AP Renewables Inc. (APRI) MakBan turned over 5,000 fruit-bearing seedlings¬†to the Parents’ and Teachers’ Association (PTA) of Limao Elementary School.

The guyabano, kalamansi, mango and atis tagalog seedlings were given to the PTA in April. To help manage the project effectively, APRI conducted a training on basic gardening and pest management for 14 PTA officers.

“This program will help us to have sustainable projects for the school. This will also enhance the relationship among us, the PTA officers, and between us and the school.”

-Nomelyn Jaron, PTA President, Limao Elmentary School

Aboitiz plans to purchase back the seedlings for the groupwide tree planting event in July. The school will then use the sale proceeds for various improvement projects.

In our pursuit to enhance income-generating activities for our beneficiaries, our host communities play an indispensable role as partners in helping realize the synergies in the implementation of our key programs.