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APRI names Biggest Loser: Biggest Giver Challenge winner

Arcel Madrid | May 31, 2017


Who knew that by losing weight and staying healthy, we can also help out other members of our community? In AP Renewables Inc. (APRI), team members were able to do just that through the Biggest Loser: Biggest Winner Challenge.

About the Biggest Loser: Biggest Giver Challenge

Losing weight is not easy, but for Aaron Arcega of Maintenance Department, it is a process he was very much willing to commit to.

Motivated to help indigent kids, Aaron worked his way to reducing his weight to 160.9 lbs., 12.58% below his previous weight of 184.1 lbs.

He achieved this by eating right and exercising well. His discipline, his passion for helping, and the support of his loved ones were what drove him to who he is today: stronger, healthier, and an inspiration to all others who want to be fit.

“I want to be the biggest loser and the biggest giver at the same time. These past two years, I was not able to volunteer and be a kuya to the indigent kids of our host communities. Bumabawi ako ngayon. This is my way of giving back to them.”

-Aaron Arcega, Maintenance Department, APRI