Ball games strengthen VECO engagement with local police force

To further promote camaraderie, the members of Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) and Visayan Electric Company (VECO) team members competed in friendly basketball games.

“They are a big help to us, not only in the community but also in our operations.” VECO Revenue Protection Department Supervisor Glenn Torrejos said in Cebuano. VECO employees and CCPO officers always go together in the apprehension of those committing electricity theft.

Electricity is pilfered or stolen thru illegal wiretapping, flying wire connections, tampered electrical meters, jumper, current reversing transformer, shorting or shunting wires. The police and VECO have done an intensified crackdown on pilferage especially that a number of fires and electrocutions have already been caused by these illegal activities.

“We want to establish a deeper connection with the police department knowing that the police have been a great help in dealing with violators of Republic Act 7832 or the Anti-Pilferage Act,” Engr. Noel Modesto, VECO’s AVP for Technical Services Group, also added.

VECO apprehends an average of 200 people every week. A total of 17,425 persons were apprehended due to pilferage since 2010. In 2015 alone, the number reached 2,573. But a lot more are waiting to be caught.

Aside from their relationship in catching electricity thieves, VECO has also long been donating to CCPO to help them in their day-to-day jobs. The company has donated computers, lighted signages and, most recently, fast XR200 motorbikes.

“We are definitely helping each other as far as fulfilling our duty towards the public, towards the customers” Engr. Modesto said.

Eight police officials competed with 18 VECO employees during the game. It resulted to a final score of 106 to 88 in favor of VECO.

“A lot of our work involve paper works so we also need this for exercise. This is our first time to play with VECO. We are very happy that we got invited so we can also have fun as part of our Police Community Operations,” P03 Roque Carmelotes Jr. of the Cebu City Operations Branch said in Cebuano.
“For a friendship game, this seems to improve our partnership. This is the first and definitely this is not the last,” Engr. Modesto said.