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Banking and Financial Services

Bank your way with UnionBank Online

Do all your banking needs securely anytime, anywhere with UnionBank Online. Check your balance, pay bills, transfer money, buy prepaid load, and more.

You can send money to any local bank without having to enroll the recipient’s bank account number. Choose between transferring funds for free via PesoNet or in real-time through Instapay.

Split any expense through the app or send payment requests without enrolling account numbers.

Experience cashless and cardless payments with QR Codes at select partner merchants. You can also generate your QR Code in-app, and ask fellow UnionBank Online users to scan the code. Once scanned, your funds will be credited in real-time.

Save time by pre-ordering over-the-counter branch transactions before going to The Ark by UnionBank – the Philippines’ first fully digital bank.

You can log in securely and quickly with your fingerprint or with FaceID. UnionBank Online is not just easy-to-use, it’s nearly fully customizable. Other than adding a profile picture or updating your information, you can choose which accounts to display, increase or decrease transaction limits, and select transactions that require One-Time Passwords (OTPs). You can check account balances without logging in by enabling Quick Balance.