BEGIN THE JOURNEY. "Let your leader know about your career interests and aspirations."
BEGIN THE JOURNEY. "Let your leader know about your career interests and aspirations."

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Rob’s take on the self-driven career development program

Prior to Robert del Rosario’s move to AboitizLand as Project Development Manager, he was with the AEV Corporate Strategy Team for six years, where he was involved in strategic planning cycle, planning process and investment research. His is one of the success stories of our Self Driven Career Development Program called ‘Better Me’.  Rob shares his Better Me experience.



I was already talking to people even before HR introduced the Self Driven Career Management Program. With the launch of Better Me, it motivated me to pursue the job I want as I’ve felt that I already have the support from HR.”


What made you decide to explore other options outside of your business unit?

After six years in Corporate Strategy, I realized that it’s time for me to move to a more operational role and achieve professional growth.

Rob-soloHow did you prepare for  the role you were considering?  

Project development management seemed interesting, so when I had a chance to train in the Project Development Team of AboitizLand, I asked them about their work.  Later, I met with my former superior who now leads the Project Development Team. I expressed my interest to know more about the job,  and she gladly explained it to me.

How did your Team Leader react to your plans? 

When Ricky learned about my plans, he provided support by helping me rewire my Individual Development Plan (IDP). The Individual Development Plan (IDP) helped me address my leadership and functional needs.

What were your next steps?

I assessed my strengths and areas for development through the quarterly feedback sessions with Ricky, through individual and group HATS profiling sessions with Carl, and feedback from peers and customers.

What mechanisms did you tap to move along with the process?

The Performance Appraisal with my Team Leader was very helpful. This is where I was able to set my performance goals and progress towards it. This is an efficient feedback tool that facilitates growth and enables employees to align themselves with what the organization needs. Also, the results of my Harrison Assessment with Carl was an effective way to identify my strengths, areas of development and behavioral competencies.

What are you looking forward to in your new role? 

I want to be an expert in my new chosen field.  At this point, I’m looking forward to learning tons of new information and growing my skill set further.

Rob_with_teamWhat advice would you give to people who are thinking about exploring career opportunities in the Group?

Let your leader know about your career interests and aspirations. Establish your network. Information on career opportunities will pass through your network and these people could help you land the job you want.

Keep a council of friends and mentors. People who helped me weigh options throughout the process are friends/mentors. In my case they are Robert McGregor, Robin Sarmiento and Pamela Li.