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‘Bossing sa Tibay’ campaign launched

The Republic Cement Group launched a new marketing campaign last November 28 to further communicate its industry leadership and solidify its position as the ‘cement brand of choice’. The campaign “Bossing sa Tibay” differentiates the brand from its competitors by building on the superior features of Republic cement as the only cement with Tatak Tibay Enhancers, which enables homebuilders to have durable “pamana” homes.

The full 360 integrated media campaign featured trusted male endorser Vic Sotto (popularly known as “Bossing”). The campaign include television, radio, print, cinema, and digital executions. To date, the “Bossing Sa Tibay” TVC reached 300,000 views on Facebook and around 200,000 views on YouTube. The campaign also made use of out-of-home and on-ground executions including signage and merchandising in 3,000 stores and 40 retailer events.



Get to know the products of Republic Cement Group and find out why they are preferred by customers

REPUBLIC PORTLAND PLUS® is a general purpose blended cement (Type 1P) which is best used for structural and general application such as foundations, floor slabs, walls, beams and columns.

It is the only cement in the Philippines blended with fly ash which serves as TIBAY ENHANCERS®. Fly ash is a byproduct of coal-fired power plants that, if not otherwise used as an additive for cement, will be discarded and disposed of in ash ponds. Republic Portland Plus makes use of this by-product, thereby reducing the amount of clinker* in the cement. Lower clinker inclusion translates into a lower carbon footprint for the product.

WALLMASTER® is the country’s most advanced masonry cement. It is enhanced with LIGHT MICRO-FILLER TECHNOLOGY® that produces lighter plaster and a smoother finish.

It is a Type N masonry cement that fully complies with the requirements of the Philippine National Standards (PNS) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) C91 standards. WALLMASTER® speeds up masonry works because of its sticky plaster, ease of use, and excellent coverage with reduced chances of rework.

The use of WALLMASTER® for masonry work is a more sustainable practice as it contains less clinker and more additives than Type 1 (Ordinary Portland Cement) and even other blended cements, which means a carbon footprint.

* clinker  is made from ground limestone, silica, shale and other materials that were processed in a kiln at high temperature