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Bulacan project team achieves 1 million safety record

Ramon Rius | February 21, 2019

Aboitiz Construction generates 1 million of the 3 million man-hours without lost time incident (LTI) for the Bulacan project of Republic Cement and our fellow Kauban Jesus Llamas earns the Golden Hard Hat award for his strong adherence to safety behavior at work. 

Integrity, teamwork, innovation, responsibility, and execution excellence continue to drive Aboitiz Construction (ACI) kaubans towards new milestones at each new work site. Recently, these same Aboitiz core values led the company’s project team at the Republic Cement plant in Norzagaray, Bulacan to achieving 1 million safe man-hours without lost time incident. This contributes a third of the 3 million total man-hour safety record achieved by the latter in the course of building the high-value project.



Achieving 1 million man-hours without LTI, for us is a big achievement, because of the teamwork, the hard work of each and everyone that we’re not giving up on reminding our workers regarding the importance of safety.
– Allan Velasco, QSHE Manager for the Bulacan Project
ACI was also honored with the Golden Hard Hat Award, a safety program of Republic Cement that recognizes workers who demonstrate exemplary safety performance beyond the client’s requirement and contributing to overall safety above their capability.
Jesus Llamas
Jesus Llamas, who was assigned to do the touch-up painting for all the mechanical equipment, became a stellar example of this.  He was given PPE (personal protective equipment) but when he used the PPE (mask) for painting works. He stopped working when he noticed his mask was not appropriate for the task he set out to accomplish. He immediately raised the matter with the safety inspector who then took the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) of the painting materials and found out that it is not really the appropriate mask and he was given the right PPE.
What he did is beyond what we expect from a worker that is why he was given the Golden Hard Hat.
ACI is constructing the expansion of Republic Cement’s plant, including structural and mechanical work for the facility that is envisioned to help ensure a stable supply of construction materials in support of the Philippine government’s Build, Build, Build program.