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Carlos Aboitiz opens ACI’s 2019 LEAD Management Talk series

ACI Reputation Management Team | April 22, 2019

Hedcor President and COO Carlos Aboitiz opened the first LEAD Management Talk Series for Aboitiz Construction, Inc. (ACI) management trainees. The talk was conducted face-to-face style with the trainees who represented the Business Development Sales and Estimating, Supply Chain Management, Operations, ICT, Finance, Engineering and Design, and the Quality, Environment, and Safety and Health departments.

The LEAD Management Training Program — or Leadership Exploration and Development — aims to fast-track the development of high potential employees early in their career wherein they can fill the future leadership positions in the company. The program is guided by the five contexts of learning: Education, Exposure, Experience, and Environment and offers the trainees coaches and mentors during the learning journey. The program will conclude in August 2020.

During the talk, the trainees were able to have a conversation with Carlos who gallantly catered to their queries. In one instance, Josa Lagurin, from the Finance Department asked him about the best advice he can give to someone who just started their career as a leader. To which Mr. Aboitiz answered:

“Find a good leader to learn from. Prepare yourself for a lifelong journey as a leader and be careful not to be too hard on yourself. Try to understand about your authentic leader self and find that.”

Chad Olmos from the Operations Department also looked into how Carlos views himself and what areas he is working on to be the best leader Hedcor has to date.

Chernan Madugay from the Engineering and Design Department also queried Carlos on how he deals with crises that arise from different circumstances. He advised:

“Whenever there is a problem. Take your time and walk. Don’t run. First, take a step back, practice mindfulness and think through what needs to be done. Next, do not be overwhelmed with the situation and focus on what is immediately in front of you.”

This year’s opening salvo was truly successful with a very interactive and intimate roundtable discussion with the 13 trainees. — with Naomi Oplado