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Cheering crowds heat up Aboitiz Football Cup season opener

June David | April 19, 2018

The sweltering heat didn’t seem to bother the crowd. Brimming with excitement, they cheered on as they waited eagerly for the finals to begin. Giving the signal that the program is about to officially commence, the drums hyped up the scene even more.

Bigger than the previous seasons, the 19th Aboitiz Football Cup absolutely succeeded in bringing together people who share the same love for the sport. Spanning six action-packed months since September 2017, the games were played by 87 participating teams in 15 categories. Evidently, the series was able to showcase how empowering youth through athletics could indeed make a difference.

“We believe that through this initiative, we are able to highlight the significance of sports education not only in honing the skills of each participant but also in value formation as it teaches the importance of teamwork, camaraderie, and respect,” said Eduardo Aboitiz, Senior Manager for Commercial Business Unit of AboitizLand.


ENDURING LOVE OF FOOTBALL. Eduardo Aboitiz receives a token of appreciation for the Aboitiz Group from CFA President, Engr. Ricky Dakay


The values truly emanated as players expressed their support not only to their teammates but to their opponents as well. Though intense, the championship match between ERCO and the University of San Carlos didn’t fail to display genuine sportsmanship, discipline, and even humility.

In the end, ERCO finished stronger than USC. Sprinting their way to victory, the score for the Men’s Open closed at 2-0 in favor of last year’s runner-up.


ONE GOAL. Driven to win the championship title, both teams strived to take control until the last few minutes.


Beyond positively shaping one’s character, the league also greatly taps the potential of every single athlete. It ignites the fire that motivates them as they dominate the playing field. This season, a total of 5,625 players were inspired to pursue their passion. For 19 years and counting, the Aboitiz Football Cup continues to encourage the holistic development of the youth — a testament of how the Aboitiz Group achieves its core purpose of nurturing people with the intent of advancing business and communities.

Next year is going to be another milestone as the league hits its 20th season. Evolving into Cebu’s premier football, it will go up a notch as it steps out of the city to be joined by more members from the Visayas. Together with the Cebu Football Association, the Aboitiz Group is keen and looking forward to a much more exhilarating run.