Choose to keep plastics off our oceans

AE Team | June 1, 2018

As the hot season begins to wane and many of us scramble to the beaches for a last-minute attempt to “tan”, we Filipinos know all too well what tragedy it would be to lose the beauty of our endless stretches of coastline. Sadly, the Philippines is reported to be the third worst plastic polluter of oceans. With World Environment Day celebrated on June 5, let’s take a moment to think about how we can help reverse the harmful effects posed by single-use plastics on our oceans. Here are a few practical tips to keep in mind as we do our share to protect life on water, one of our biggest responsibilities.


Refuse that plastic straw, go metal or bamboo instead!

Plastic straws always pose a BIG environmental issue, especially so because not many people see them in a big pile. The smaller something may seem, the less we perceive them as harmful. But plastic straws make their way to our oceans if not disposed of properly; this can really negatively affect marine life.

Reusable bamboo or metal straws that come with their own cleaning brush and cases are a sustainable alternative! Keep one set handy the next time you make your way to beverage stalls and restaurants at the beach.



Use metal/reusable utensils!

Much like plastic straws, plastic utensils in a beach trip spell trouble for our oceans. Opting for reusable utensils or bringing your metal cutlery to a picnic by the beach will always be a better choice.



Brush your teeth…the sustainable way!

Believe it or not, all the toothbrushes you’ve ever used since you were a kid are still somewhere on the planet. Plastics used to make an ordinary toothbrush take a very long time to break down. And even if they do, only to the level of microplastics, which is still very harmful to the environment.

The next time you purchase necessities for an upcoming trip, consider bamboo toothbrushes, which are available in the market in sets that can last up to a year.



Always bring an eco-bag!

Using an eco-bag for your daily or weekly groceries will not only significantly reduce your plastic consumption, it’s also a very visible way of encouraging others to make the switch. Eco-bags are tougher and longer-lasting compared to plastic bags and their unwieldy paper counterpart, so bring one (or more) to carry your stuff when going on a trip!



Reusable tumblers are the way to go!

Wherever you go, having your own tumbler in hand for hydration will greatly help you on your path to a plastic-free future! Instead of using plastic cups, encourage people or members of your family to bring their own tumblers.