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CitySavings Loans Hub 2.0 goes live

Like a bullet train, Loans Hub 2.0 (LH2) changed the landscape of how CitySavings does straightforward banking.

Last May 27, the bank’s Colon and Mandaue branches were the first to experience the good force brought by the power of LH2. The system was rolled-out to other branches on succeeding dates and starting June 22, LH2 went bank-wide!

LH2 promises customers of faster loans processing time and crediting to accounts. It is also used by PETNET, now a sister company within the Aboitiz Group, in which we recently inked partnership for better coverage and reach to our customers. LH2 allows multichannel loan applications submission and the capability to handle branch and non-branch transactions.

The system is developed by in-house developers tailored fit for the bank’s unique flair and touch of customer service. It boasts of a black box that becomes an “automated calculator on steroids”. It is being powered by a file system that is scalable and manages big data requirements for loans processing.

With the birth of LH2, the management sees a competitive advantage over other players in the industry. True to its brand, CitySavings continually looks for ways in making its products and services more accessible and straightforward for customers.