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A-Clubs in Focus: Meet the real life superheroes of the Aboitiz Parenting Club!

Erika Tan | Sept. 10, 2018

Balancing work and parenting is not an easy task, especially when you are required to put on multiple hats — a corporate employee, a colleague, and a parent. This led a group of team members to offer something great for working parents in Aboitiz. The Aboitiz Parenting Club was formed by a group of career-driven parents with the aim of sharing parenting tips and skills that have been proven to come in handy.

On Mother’s Day 2018, the group held a half-day forum entitled “Coffee Date with Moms at Work: A Forum on Creating Balance Between Building a Happy Family and A Good Career”. The heart of the forum revolves on helping A-Moms maintain a healthy relationship with their family while moving forward with career growth.

Ruby Jaucian of Aboitiz Power and Love Del Rosario of Google Philippines were featured speakers who shared their stories on how they maintain a good work-life balance and still be a ‘Super A-Mom’.

It’s always fun when you meet with other working moms to share stories on motherhood and parenting. I look forward to more of these from the Aboitiz Parenting Club.

–Rina Fajardo, Aboitiz Parenting Club member


Just a few months after their successful initiative, the A-Parents once again initiated a project, which now focused on sustainability. In support of the #AboitizRace2Reduce challenge, which aims to lessen the carbon footprint of A-People, the Aboitiz Parenting Club promoted stainless steel straws, selling a total of 153 pieces within a month. Not only did the initiative help the environment, it also helped build bridges across the Aboitiz Group being a project not limited to AEV.

The Aboitiz Parenting Club still has a lot in store for working parents. This October, the group will run an event entitled “Teaching Kids on How to Save Money”. When telling your kids that money doesn’t grow on trees isn’t enough, the Aboitiz Parenting Club is here to give you more tips. Stay tuned.


The A-Parenting Club would also like to thank the A-People who supported the movement towards a sustainable lifestyle. Proceeds from sales of stainless steel straws will be donated to the 2018 Christmas Outreach Program. If you are interested to be a part of this community, you may contact Jo-Cathrina Enad (