Coming full circle with Chef Lovely’s inspired baking

Anna Carreon | June 8, 2017

It has been a tradition in Chef Lovely Borres’ family to bake a moist chocolate cake on Christmas day. When she was 9 years old, her mother passed down the family recipe to her and the joy of baking, as it turned out, came naturally. 


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From baking her first chocolate cake, Chef Lovely tried her hand in bread production at her family’s neighborhood bakery. This affinity for food continued as she pursued a degree in International Hospitality Management with a major in Cruise Line Operations in Culinary Arts.

Shortly after graduating, Chef Lovely began her career at the Hyatt Hotel in Alabama in the U.S. working at the front of the house. That experience led her to another international work opportunity in Dubai where she was part of the pioneer team for a new restaurant for which she was tasked to develop the menu development and recipe testing.

When she came home after her stint in the UAE, she realized how much she had missed her family and, more so, felt the desire to pick-up her passion.


Hitting a Low Point

A short while before transferring to the Pilmico Research and Training Bakery, Chef Lovely learned the unfortunate news that her mother, the very person who inspired and taught her how to bake, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The thought of her mom not being able to enjoy her baked goods was nothing short of devastating.

“Inspiration is the seed to everything. When you aren’t inspired, 100% of the time your creation won’t be good,” she related.

Sad yet positively inspired by her mother’s illness, Chef Lovely wanted to create a cake recipe that’s not too sweet and on the darker side of the chocolate spectrum — a cake a la “Darth Vader”, as she calls it — rich, dark, and filled with layers of decadent chocolate. This became her signature cake, the Blackout Cake, and one of Pilmico Bakery’s bestsellers to date.


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Finding Inspiration

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When asked what motivates her to create unique and tasty desserts, Chef Lovely shared that aside from her family and her exposure to different cultures, she is very much drawn to the beauty of things around her.

“I draw my inspiration from art, nature, and landscapes. If portraits evoke people’s emotions, I also want my cakes to do the same. Turning lifeless cakes or pastries into something that can speak to you — that is what I want to do every day.”

From her first chocolate cake as a child to pursuing a culinary career abroad, and now back to baking delicious chocolate cakes Chef Lovely’s journey a pastry chef has indeed come full circle.