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The Legacy of Bobby Aboitiz

Bobby believed that each one of us has a paddle or bugsay, that they can use to direct their destiny. With the bugsay, one can either choose to maximize his potentials and take on opportunities, or remain motionless or move in circles without any focus or direction. This is the Bugsay philosophy, the guiding light of Bobby’s leadership.

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‘Thank You’ from the family of Bobby Aboitiz

We are posting this note sent by Mrs. Marian Aboitiz, widow of our beloved Roberto “Bobby” Aboitiz, as a token of the family’s heartfelt appreciation for the love and encouragement they received from all team members across the Aboitiz Group in the wake of REA’s passing.

–Aboitiz Eyes team



New RAFI board to continue Don Ramon’s legacy

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation announced a new corporate structure to fill in the vacancy left by the passing of Roberto E. Aboitiz, then president of the organization. It serves ensure continued compliance and alignment with good governance standards in support of the foundation’s continuing commitment to its mission of Touching People, Shaping the Future.


Pilmico joins RAFI outreach caravan

Held in Poro Municipal Gym in Camotes Island in Cebu, Pilmico participated in the outreach program by sponsoring a number of seminars on livestock raising and animal nutrition. In the coming months, Pimico will also be present in Naval and Tacloban – the next two locations for RAFI’s outreach caravan this year.

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Drip irrigation: An effective method for newly planted seedlings

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. has encouraged its tree growing partners to adopt the drip irrigation system, which is a simple technology that directly addresses scarcity of water moisture, especially of newly planted seedlings. The system, which the foundation helped develop in Cebu, makes use of empty plastic bottles and is one way of conserving water while helping plants get needed moisture during the dry months.