Meteorology Through the Ages

Some of us grew up with the saying “knowledge is power” popularized by Ernie Baron, the late broadcaster known for being the country’s resident weatherman. The younger generation though is more familiar with Nathaniel “Mang Tani” Cruz, one of today’s popular names in the field of weather reporting and meteorology. Probably for most of us, this is as far as weather information goes ー listening to weather forecasts on radio and television.

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How climate drives the weather patterns

By definition, climate refers to the varying aspects of the atmosphere-hydrosphere-land surface system. The concept of climate is being characterized in terms of suitable averages of the climate system over periods of a month or more, taking into consideration the variability in time of these average quantities.



Solstice: The Astronomical Phenomena

Time and again, mankind has been fascinated by the beauty and grandeur of the sun, while others are baffled by the sun’s endless rays that reach the Earth’s surface. The sun’s constant warmth has resulted in the abundance of life forms and mankind’s endless pursuit of advances in technology and innovation. The sun also causes changes in seasons – a very important aspect of life as we know it.


Is it safe to fly in bad weather?

Technological advances in the past century have really made flying a preferred a way to travel long distances — whether it be day or night, even in rain or sunshine. But have you ever experienced a really rough ride, one that, maybe, made you stop and wonder, is it really safe to fly in poor weather?

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The known unknowns of amihan

People soaked into the cold of January when temperatures plummeted into the mid-teens in the highlands of Benguet, Ifugao, and the Mountain Province for days. While the chilly mornings brought a welcome respite for most city dwellers in Luzon and Visayas, low temperatures also increased susceptibility to highly communicable illnesses such as colds and flu.


So, how do we name Tropical Cyclones?

“Tropical cyclones are a fact of life. Time and again, like the ebb and flow of water, people have to adapt with its ever-changing ferocity and numbers.” In this #WeatherWiser feature, WeatherPhilippines walks us through the basics of tropical cyclone naming.


Habagat: What do we need to know?

Normal rain distribution is but a crucial resource needed to nourish the land, restore the water table for the thirsty population, and bring back the greenery in the lowlands. With this varying rain conditions, it is essential for us to understand monsoons and their behavior.

RAFI Team Members with the WeatherPhilippines during the Weather 101 and Tropical Cyclone 101 trainings.


Building a #WeatherWiser RAFI

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) employees are now #WeatherWiser following their training session with WeatherPhilippines on the basic concepts and effects of different weather disturbances and rain producing systems in the country. Their newly acquired weather knowledge is highly instrumental, especially in creating disaster communications protocol.

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Honor Roll

Aboitiz Group bags top honors at Quill Awards

Aboitiz bags top Philippine Quill Award for 2nd straight year, takes home record 12 awards including the Company of the Year – 2nd Runner Up and the Top Division Award in Communication Management for “Let’s drive change for a better world: The Aboitiz No Impact Challenge.

Outlook 2018 - CSR


CSR Outlook 2018

The year 2017 marked several turning points for the Aboitiz Foundation. From the change in leadership to the innovations in our CSR strategies, we took a more challenging course to translate the Aboitiz Group’s brand promise of advancing business and communities into co-creating safe, empowered, and sustainable communities nationwide.


Fujiwhara effect: a dance of tropical cyclones

Given the number of constantly active weather systems passing by the Philippines, it is not an unusual event when two or more tropical cyclones enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility at the same time. WeatherPhilippines walks you through the basics of the phenomenon called Fujiwhara effect, and how tropical cyclones interact.

EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNICATION. The Aboitiz Group took home a total of five prizes at the  15th Philippine Quill Awards held on June 5, 2017.

Honor Roll

Aboitiz Group triumphs at the IABC Quill Awards

The Aboitiz Group took home the Top Award in Communication Management, four excellence awards, and 1 merit award at the 15th Philippine Quill Awards, presented by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Philippines at the Manila Marriott Hotel in Pasay City on July 5, 2017.


Weather Wizards go live at Radyo Inquirer

WeatherPhilippines Foundation General Manager Dave Valeriano and Junior Meteorologist John Christian Lequiron guested on air at Radyo Inquirer DZIQ 990’s Ladies’ Talk program. Their talk focused on WeatherPhilippines’ capability to provide highly localized and accurate weather information, which the listeners could have free access to.