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Corporate HR introduces BetterMe program

Corporate HR introduces BetterMe program

  • BetterMe carries on HR’s forward-looking human resource management strategies
  • Self-driven initiative for A-People to chart their career development in Aboitiz

A-People gathered to participate at Corporate HR’s annual BetterWays Forum, held last July 21 and July 23 at the Cebu and Taguig corporate center sites, respectively. It was also an opportunity to introduce BetterMe, a new program under the department’s forwardlooking human resource management strategies.

BetterMe is a self-driven career management program that allows Aboitiz team members and team leaders to take ownership of their career development in the organization. The program presents four simple steps that will guide A-People towards achieving their career goals:

1. Discover My Strengths – Understanding your own self is the first key! Knowing one’s strengths and development areas will help you in setting your career goals and choices.

2. Set My Career Goals – If you don’t know where you want to go, how will you determine how to get there? Having a clear list of goals will help ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

3. Plan My Development – Craft your Individual Development Plan and make sure to identify and apply the most applicable learning activity that will support your development.

4. Monitor My Progress – Turn your goals into accomplishment by staying focused and being persistent. Monitor your progress using your development tool in the BetterWays Hub (SuccessFactors).

More information on how to take full advantage of the BetterMe program is found in the BetterWays Hub under the “My Career” portlet. Corporate HR will also be conducting workshops in the coming weeks to ensure that all team members understand the process and appreciate its value.