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Corporate Center

Corporate HR Reorganization

In response to recent organizational changes related to business growth and expansion, Corporate HR was given the approval by the Corporate Mancom to proceed with its proposed plan to restructure the whole team. The objective is to better address the growing needs of Group HR in terms of building human capital while providing a more focused HR business partner that is dedicated to serving the Corporate Center.

The reorganization consists of breaking up the current HR team into two major units. One is the CORPORATE HR (CHR) unit. This new team serves as the HR Business Partner of the Corporate Center. It will be responsible for handling and servicing all the HR requirements of the Corporate Center CSUs as well as those of affiliated organizations such as Weather Phils, Aboitiz Foundation, Infra, and EXPRO. This team will be led by Champ Yared, Corporate HR Manager. Champ becomes the single point person for all end-to-end HR programs and services for the Corporate Center ranging from Talent Attraction, Retention, and Optimization. Hopefully by having only one single point of contact for all HR related requirements of the CSUs, we are able to make it more convenient for everyone to work with the Corp HR.

Meanwhile, the other unit is called the Aboitiz Group HR (AGHR) Team and is dedicated to working more closely with the SBU/BU HR on high-level strategic HR initiatives that impact the Aboitiz Group as a whole. This team is made up of three smaller units that are focused on one of the three HR pillars – Attract, Retain, Optimize. Together with the SBU HR Heads of 1AP, Food Group, UnionBank, and AboitizLand, it makes up the CORE HR. AGHR primarily serves the Group and is positioned to be the Center of Excellence where best practices, research, HR models and analytics to support the strategic pillar of Build Human Capital gets jointly conceived and implemented with Core HR across the Group.

The new team’s table of organization is drawn below. We are currently undergoing a transition as the members of both units take on new roles and responsibilities. Rest assured that it will be business as usual for all HR transactions and services while this transition is taking place.

This reorganization will take effect on January 1, 2016.

Thank you for your usual support.