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The country’s first banking chatbot: UDeX CSO launched by UnionBank!

In line with the bank’s digital transformation to deliver instant customer service 24/7, it launched UDeX CSO, the UnionBank Digital Experience Customer Service Officer.

UDeX CSO is the country’s first banking chatbot, aimed to deliver instant customer service to clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

For its initial launch, UDeX CSO employs a conversational interface that provides basic information to the customers. Using the Facebook Messenger Platform, it will take customer inquiries, and handle general information requests. Unlike conventional “IVRS” or “auto-reply” platforms used by most banks, UDeX CSO makes the customer experience more personal and conversational when locating the nearest ATM or Branch, and know the latest Foreign Exchange rates of up to 10 currencies.

“We expect UDeX CSO to be smarter over time as more users interact with it by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP). We see UDeX CSO to soon perform banking transactions like balance inquiry, transferring funds, and making payments.”

-Dennis D. Omila, UnionBank Chief Information Officer