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Envi-sensitive planning for a thriving pawikan sanctuary

June David | March 14, 2018

With its national expansion program, AboitizLand launched last year its first residential community in Luzon, Seafront Residences, a 43-hectare exclusive beachside community located in San Juan, Batangas.

Primarily designed as a second home or a vacation residence, Seafront Residences follows an urban design movement that promotes walkability, connectivity, mixed and diverse types of housing, quality of design, increased density, and sustainability.

Meticulously planned and curated, Seafront Residences features lush greenery, well and naturally-lit homes with wide green landscapes, and increased walkability and connectivity between interest points.  Every home at Seafront Residences opens up to a diamond-shaped park that encourages children to play freely and families to interact with one another. Within the community are commercial spaces to cater to vecinos’ needs.

Seafront Residences is expected to accommodate 800 homes and serve more than 1,000 vecinos.


Home for Pawikans

Seafront not only delivers on AboitizLand’s promise of curating and building deliberately designed communities for better lives, it is also a frontrunner in envi-sensitive planning.

Recently, a nest of an Olive Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) containing 20 eggs was discovered along the shores of Seafront Residences in Calubcub II, San Juan, Batangas. Seven out of the 20 already hatched. Though unfortunate that one hatchling didn’t survive despite proper care, the release of the six others into the sea is indeed a positive step in nurturing endangered species. Prior to this, residents around the area also turned over later last year some Olive Ridley hatchlings.


RESCUED AND RELEASED. A lone Olive Ridley Sea Turtle makes its way to the open waters.


To make sure the pawikan’s thriving ecosystem in the area is safe, AboitizLand is reviewing its masterplan to take into consideration the presence of these pawikans in the development of the project. AboitizLand is also closely coordinating with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to ensure the safety of the emerging sanctuaries of pawikan in the area.

Ensuring a brighter future for these pawikans in our community is one of the many ways of we deliver on our brand promise of creating better ways to live, therefore advancing our business and communities.