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Expanding Possibilities, Breaking New Grounds!

CitySavings holds annual sales rally

City Savings Bankers committed to take the bank’s performance to greater heights, in line with this year’s annual sales rally theme, “Expanding Possibilities, Breaking New Grounds!,” held on Jan. 20 and 21 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City.

The said event brought together all sales and operations heads, as well as the bank’s group heads and management team nationwide to present and tackle key initiatives and action plans for 2017. President and CEO Catalino Abacan officially welcomed all the attendees on the first day and talked about the bank’s strategic direction. It was followed by the group heads as they presented their respective corporate updates and initiatives.

“For 2017, we came up with a bolder and a more challenging theme, which should rekindle the fire in our hearts: ‘Expanding Possibilities, Breaking New Grounds!’ Simply, it means that we will continue to embrace enhancements in our credit processes to protect the quality of our portfolio without sacrificing volume. Likewise, we will tread on new territories and improve our partnership to sustain our growth. CitySavings’ chance to roar anew this year will be doubtful without the collaboration of everybody – marketing, operations, head office units and the other backroom segments under the guidance of the Almighty Father. Please bring to mind that we are intertwined and we are not independently working on our individual silos. Borrowing the wisdom of a basketball great, Michael Jordan, he echoes that a good player wins a game but will never win a championship without the support of the team.”

-Catalino Abacan, President and CEO, CitySavings

The second day started with a recap of last year’s performance and the overall sales and marketing strategy presented by FVP Sales and Marketing Head Bombi Dominguez. It was then followed by the regional presentations of each regional business heads, who discussed their projections and action plans to achieve the 2017 loan releases budget. Chairman of the Board Eugene Acevedo inspired everyone as he shared personal success stories and highlighted significant milestones of the Bank for the past years. The second day ended with the annual team awards recognizing significant team accomplishments in 2016.


“I know you don’t look at it but we have always been conscious and proud of our ROE. A high ROE means we are able to get a very high return in our business. It is easy to get a very high ROE if you’re a small bank. Typically when a bank accelerates its growth and expands massively, the result is usually an increase in cost, some explosion in control somewhere, because the Bank is unable to maintain its DNA in all its new branches and in new areas they’re pioneering. But see, even with six times the growth in volume in 5 years, and our sudden increase in branch number, we are still able to maintain a very high return. This high ROE isn’t a recent improvement of CitySavings. You’ve always had it in you.

-Eugene Acevedo, Chairman of the Board, CitySavings

The annual event is a collaborative effort of Sales and Marketing and Reputation Management teams with other corporate support units.