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Finance Mentoring Cluster: Honing the skills of future Aboitiz leaders

To train future leaders of the Aboitiz Group and ensure that best practices and critical skills are passed on to an existing and capable talent pool,the organization has established functional mentoring clusters as part of its Talent Optimization Program.

On August 4, 2017, the Finance mentoring cluster held its culminating event after a year-long learning journey. In this shark-tank type activity held at F1 Hotel in Taguig, 5 groups of participants from across the Group were tasked to present research- and data-backed investment proposals for a sixth business leg for Aboitiz.  These were “Project Minerva” and “Project ABC,” presented by two groups that focused on the education sector; “Project A1,” which tackled a tourism- and hospitality-based investment opportunity for the Group; “Project Picket,” a proposal that discussed the benefits of revisiting a logistics business for the company; and “Project Sam,” a pitch that considered Aboitiz Group’s entry into the insurance industry.

All groups defended their proposals using a combination of market opportunities and a scan of the Philippine economic condition, risks involved for their proposed business, entry strategies, and alignment to and synergy with existing Aboitiz operations or businesses. The panel of judges evaluated each proposal based on the groups’ definition of opportunities, their approach to existing business needs, appropriateness, and overall pitch. At the end of the presentations, “Project Sam” on insurance was declared the winner of the event.

“In 2014, the top leaders of Aboitiz identified 6 Leadership Dimensions that were most critical for an Aboitiz leader’s effectiveness. One of the 6 Leadership Dimensions identified was Mentoring and Developing. Various interventions have since taken place, including an executive Coaching and Mentoring workshop, in order to improve our leadership effectiveness.”

-Manuel Lozano, CFO, Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV)

“The exercise really is all about finding what would make sense and engaging team members and getting to know how the finance teams think. We’d want to see how well they would present their ideas.”

-Sabin Aboitiz, Executive Vice President and COO, AEV


ABC Minerva



The mentoring clusters represent an effective and practical implementation of the Aboitiz strategic pillar of building human capital. Having functional mentoring clusters accelerates the development of our talents in different finance functions in the group, helps build a stronger leadership pipeline for the future, manages and engages group talent collectively, and promotes collaboration and synergy across the Group by exposing members to each other’s best practices, allowing them to learn from resource speakers and subject matter experts, and encouraging them to build on the skills they need to excel in their current role and as future leaders.  Dmi Lozano sits as the executive sponsor of the Finance Mentoring cluster, with Sandro Aboitiz, Marc Dy, and Judd Salas of AEV as program leads.

Apart from the finance teams, there are also other functional mentoring clusters within the Aboitiz Group, such as the HR cluster with Txabi Aboitiz as executive sponsor, and the General Management cluster with Patrick Reyes as executive sponsor.

By optimizing team members’ inherent strengths and building on their natural aptitudes, Aboitiz seeks to provide them the opportunity to grow in their chosen careers, and to advance business and communities in their respective fields.

"Team Sam," the winner of the culminating event, snaps a picture with AEV Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy and Investment Officer Robert McGregor.
“Team Sam,” the winner of the culminating event, snaps a picture with AEV Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy and Investment Officer Robert McGregor.

Finance Mentoring Cluster 2017

Team 1: Project ABC


Team 2: Project A1
Team 3: Project Sam
Team 4: Project Picket
Team 5: Project Minerva